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At 28 Years Old

Hi! My Name Is Bogdan...

Check out my story below where I tell you a little bit about myself… and how I can help you achieve clear skin forever.

My First Acne Breakouts Started In Gymnasium


I was in gymnasium, in 7th grade.

When I was a 14 years old teenager, it was the first time I started to have acne breakouts. Nothing new.

With only 1 or 2 pimples at a time on my forehead, cheeks or chin.

In High School, My Skin Has Gotten Worse


In high school I started going to the “gym”. It was actually a neighbor’s garage.

I was working out 5 days a week, but it did not make any difference to my skin… only to my muscles. 😊


By the time I was 19, the last year in high-school, I have been breaking out more and my skin gradually got worse and worse.

I was having the worst type of acne ever.

My whole back was covered in red, inflamed and painful to the touch acne... that were very difficult to heal.

In College, I Really Was Hoping To Finally Get Rid Of Acne


I was admitted to college… "Electronics and Telecommunications".

But I did not really like it. It was too hard for me to learn math, physics etc. Dropped after first year.


I enrolled again in another college. "Electrical Engineering" this time. 🙂

I finally made it through the first year. The second year I had a few outstanding exams and had to repeat it.

As an adult, I really was hoping to have a cleaner skin… but didn’t happen at all.

I still had to worry about constant acne breakouts. And my back was still all red. It was very embarrassing.

I Have Met My Girlfriend


When I was in my 3rd year of Electrical Engineering college, I've met my girlfriend.

After a few days of talking online, we decided to have a meet in the Mall. I still remember the day of November 4th.

But… of course I had to have a “little surprise”. I was so embarrassed of how I looked with three big pimples on my neck…


It that summer, at 25 years old, we had our first vacation together. We went to the beach together (Black Sea).

And I was too embarrassed to take my shirt off…

I had the most severe acne ever. My whole back was still red, inflamed and painful.

I Finally Graduated College...


After repeating 2nd year of college and extending the 4th year… I finally graduated in the autumn of 2013, after 6 years in college… PHEW…

It was also the year when I had my first breakthrough ever, at 26 years old. My pimples were slowly disappearing one by one!

This happened because my girlfriend was cooking without fried oil.

But my skin condition was still very bad and was healing very slowly.

At least I knew it has to do with food, something wrong inside the body… and I was in the right direction…


It was the second time I went with my girlfriend to the beach in the summer vacation (she was still a student).

At 28 years old I still had to worry about constant acne breakouts. And my whole back was still all red and inflamed.

It was very embarrassing and it was ruining my life.

And I decided to seriously do more research, because I couldn’t continue to live like this.


At 29 years old, after studying human body, I finally discovered what was causing my skin to break out… all the causes, everything.

Since then, I am very comfortable going out with a normal, smooth-looking skin… And I can keep it this way forever.

I'm glad I did it before our wedding.

I Got Married


I got engaged… with the same girl met in 3rd year of college.

It was a sunny and beautiful day of September 15 when we had our engagement photo shoot.

DeAcneFy Website Is Launched


After years of studying and experimenting with my own acne, I took the time to create a step-by-step program so anyone can follow.


In 2021 me and my wife have founded our own company… teaching others what we know.

Here I Am Today...


... doing this full time now.
And I owe all to my wife. Without her, I could not be where I am today.

My Mission...

Because I've seen so many people with acne problems a lot worse than mine, I decided to not keep the "secret" just for me.

There are a lot of people in their 20's and 30's who still break out in red, swollen and painful acne on the face and other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, this trend is going up… with more and more people.

I understand how embarrassing it is… especially when you're looking to get hired.

And still, there are no good solutions out there to solve this problem.

Exactly this is my mission…

To help people in the same situation with tested and proven methods so you can achieve clear skin.

Let me help you fulfill your dream.

I Specialize In Treating Severe Acne Like This...


Pimples with red at the base
and filled with pus on top.


Red or skin-colored bumps that grow and harden without pus
deep under the skin.


Red bumps that grow and
harden with pus
deep under the skin.

What Makes Me Qualified To Give
Advice About Skin Health?

That is the question that probably you are asking anyway… and you're right.

I'm not a dermatologist or a qualified practitioner.

Considering that I myself struggled with severe acne since I was a teenager… I finally figured out the solution to this problem.

I've done all the research on my own time, money and effort.


Because I made a passion for a healthy lifestyle, I know how to guide you step by step with the challenges you have right now.

What Makes Me Different?

What I teach you in my programs is how you can become healthy without being dependent on supplements, pills and stuff like that made by the money-sucking industry.

More exactly…

Acne can only be cured if you know how to allow your body to repair itself… and it can be done 100% naturally.

You'll have your health in "your own hands"… so to speak.

This is exactly what I've studied and tested along the years… with fantastic results and zero side effects.

The stuff I know is discovered along the years by trying and testing different approaches... not copied information that you find on the internet.

But you don't have to trust my words.

The Best Thing You Can Do Right Now...

… to achieve a normal, smooth-looking skin is to download my FREE blueprint called "How To Get Rid Of Severe Acne".

This guide is in PDF format and it has 31 easy-to-read pages in which I described the underlying principles of what causes acne breakouts… and the steps that you must follow.

And at the end I’ll show you exactly what to do to treat them starting right now.

From The Moment You Become A Member Of My Community…

… here are some of the benefits you will get if you subscribe with your email address:

I Know You Want A Skin That You Don't Need To Hide…

… and I don't want you to leave this website "empty-handed".

If you are ready to get rid of severe acne once and for all, just download the FREE guide, read and apply what's in it.

Then, come back and tell me your results. I'm very curious.

Let’s get started right NOW.

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